The Greener Picture 'Earth Day' Activities

Date: 26/04/2021

Today we had with us, members from the Health, Safety and Environment Department of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) to give a close up discussion on Electricity safety and its impact on the environment.

The Key speaker for the event was, Engr Francis Iwu, who is the Head of the Health and Safety Department. He expressed his happiness for our interest in the sector and commended our efforts in bringing this sensitization and awareness event to students and the other members of the university community.

In his presentation, he emphasized that safety is the predominant factor when dealing with all matters concerning electricity and that Nigerians especially youths violate the key principle of always putting 'safety first'. He also elaborated on many issues affecting the generation and distribution of electricity and the Nigeria's current posture with regards to development of renewable energy to produce electricity.

He further cleared a lot of misconceptions about the EEDC and explained the modalities of the distribution of electricity, especially in Enugu, Nigeria.

Gracing the event was one of our Staff Advisers, Ms. Akachi Nwogu-Ikojo,  a lecturer and a Lawyer in practice, who engaged the speakers on salient matters affecting the legal framework on electricity and the development of Renewable Energy Electricity in Enugu.

It was an enlightening session, and as a sustainability conscious group, we hope to spread this awareness to more students and other members of the university community.


The Greener Picture Club

It is said that we should be the change  we wish to see. This infact reflects  the motive behind the creation of The Greener Picture Club (TGP) 

TGP as it is popularly called was created in 2018 by a group of Law students at the University of Nigeria. With a mind set to promote environmental awareness and advocacy in the University community, foster a community of environmentally conscious students and leaders alike, the group aims to evidently facilitate a sustainable environment for the growth of students and other members of the university community.

Since its successful registration with the university, over one hundred and sixty saplings (young plants) have been planted in the Faculty building and sustained with the combined efforts of the Dean, Lecturers and other Students in the Faculty;

In 2019, the club successfully collaborated with the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) to complete  a nouvelle  project tagged 'The Greener September'. It carried out sensitization campaigns in various secondary schools in Enugu, on diverse matters concerning sustainability and on the role the youths can play towards creatin positive changes in this regard.

 Last year, at the heat of the pandemic and the difficulty to continue our physical campaigns,  the club maximized her online platforms for awareness and support during the lockdown. It  conducted The Green Ambassadors Webinar featuring seasoned Energy Experts, Environmentalist and Go Green Advocates including the likes of Alexander Akhigbe, Jennifer Uchendu, Vanessa Nakate, and Caleb Adebayo. It also started the 'Now You Know' bi-weekly episodes, where members astutely discussed several issues affecting sustainability especially during the Covid-19 Era.

Through the immense effort of our beloved staff adviser, Dr. Helen Agu, TGP has been exposed to various international summits and seminars. Recently we participated in the Virtual Dialogue on the 2020 World Wildlife and Forest Crimes Report, organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Education for Justice Initiative.

TGP has so much more in store for the future. The club is continuously  driven by the passion of being involved in making lasting impacts and  improvements. TGP welcomes anyone who wishes to join and actively participate in the Global Discussions on Sustainability.